1l, 2l y 5l PET

Extra virgin olive oil SOMONTANO

Since 1931 we have produced this exquisite oil made with three varieties of olives: Arbequina, Empeltre and Verdeña.
Each variety offers different attributes: the characteristic fruitiness of the Arbequina, the sweetness and softness of the Empeltre, and the special body and flavour of the Verdeña.
Thanks to the blend of each three varieties we can produce an exquisite oil that is recognized and appreciated in the most demanding markets by chefs and consumers alike.

The yellowish green appearance

Tasting: the Somontano Virgin Olive Oil is a balanced, nice-in-mouth, versatile oil… very easy to take.
The different varieties that it is composed of provide freshness, with notes reminiscent of green fruits and almonds, with body and exquisite nuanced flavor.

Glass Bottles 1l ,2l, 5l PET.