La Maquila and Distribution of Food Products

La Maquila

Aceites Noguero offer to all those farmers or proprietors of olives the possibility of grinding olives separately to them. In exchange for a price previously stipulated by kilo of olives, and independent of the oil that is extracted of those olives. The agriculturist takes all the oil that their olives give.

Like to many people they like to become their own wine, in the case of the oil it happens the same. Every year the number of people is ampler who looking for that difference that can have, takes care of their own olives to their way and style, thus to obtain and to take to house all the oil that of its olives leaves.

In order to be able to take refuge in this service it is only necessary to arrange the day and the hour in which Aceites Noguero will put their facilities to their disposition.

This form to obtain its own oil is own of the province of Huesca, although also it is made in Italy.

Distribution of Food Products

Aceites Noguero distributes to the major food products, by the provinces of Huesca, Lerida and Zaragoza. Its customers are generally retail, and hospitality.

Since the sixties Aceites Noguero decided to distribute its olive oil directly, in the face of the crisis of the distribution warehouses, 15 years ago it extended the range to all kinds of food and cleaning products, thus offering a service to its customers, who came Complaining.
The philosophy of our company in this aspect, is the same that has followed throughout its history, giving a quality service to its customers.